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Flashes of Hope | Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles

Here’s our latest photoshoot with Flashes of Hope at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.  I admittedly felt a bit exploitative posting these photographs on our blog.  I almost didn’t for this reason but felt not doing so would have been a disservice for these children….I hope to inspire people viewing these photographs to donate anything they can to help photograph other children with Cancer for their families.  After our first shoot, I was sent a note from one of the mothers of a child we photographed.  She wrote “She loved posing and her beauty is breathtaking – her real soul comes through.  These pictures will always help me remember how far we have come and that even in her darkest times, she is just a child, a beautiful child.”

Please visit Flashes of Hope to send any donation you can.  Everyone involved that makes these shoots happen does so on a volunteer basis.  The families receive prints of every photograph we capture of their child at no charge.

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