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Previous Commercial Photography Work.

Hello and thank you for visiting my website! Over the past few years I’ve transitioned into a new career and am currently an Architectural Project Manager. Please scroll down to see some highlights from my previous work as a producer, production manager and photographer for commercial clients.

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John Connors, Former Microsoft CFO and current member of the Board of Directors for Nike. Photographed in Kerry Park in Seattle, Washington. This was a complex shoot with Seattle film permits required, insurance certs, travel for crew, equipment rentals, plus permission to photograph the art sculpture “Changing Form” from the estate of artist Doris Totten Chase.

Photo series of John Shaffner, Chairman and CEO of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, as well as having a very distinguished career as a production designer for shows like Friends and the Big Bang Theory (where I was fortunate to photograph John at while some of the cast played ping pong!). These were photographed at his home and Warner Bros Studios. The top photograph was also featured at the Emmy’s, and was captured using a Contax 645 with Kodak Portra 400 film. The bottom right picture is his original mock-up of the Friend’s set. The last 2 are 35mm black & white Kodak 3200 film and digital from a 5D Mark III.

This is a series of photographs I produced and photographed for Nickelodeon’s iCarly star Miranda Cosgrove’s debut album. The album cover photo was featured on the front page of Amazon.com, inside Walmart and Target, and was featured on a billboard on the side of the Nickelodeon building on the sunset strip (top right photo). Production for this photograph was done at the show’s producer Dan Schneider (who played Dennis Blunden from Head of the Class).

This GNF biomedical robot from Novartis Institute was photographed in San Diego, CA. Aside from being an extremely large and powerful robot, this was a fascinating shoot to test out some different techie lighting styles.

Photographed for Super Lawyers magazine.

I used 35mm film for this shot of photographer Art Streiber, and was captured at Helms Studios in Los Angeles. Art is extremely talented and photographs major stars.

Ex-Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Magic Johnson, photographed at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, CA.

Photographed for Beverly Hills Dermatology (where my wife happened to work at the time). The goal was to make the expected experience of seeing their doctors as warm and inviting, putting the patients at ease.

Oingo Boingo guitarist and motion picture conductor Steve Bartek at his home studio in Los Angeles. Steve does a lot of conducting for composer Danny Elfman, and recently orchestrated the motion picture Dolitte starring Robert Downey Jr.

In another life I would have been an paleontologist. Any time I can spend a day in a museum or a library is a happy day for me.

Photoshoot for the AES Corporation powerplant in Huntington Beach, CA. This was a very fun shoot as I had to coordinate a helicopter with the door removed to take me up for this shot.

This is from a series for PG&E and the Eaton Corporation. The idea they wanted to convey was the new hybrid trucks they were using to reduce emissions in the city of San Francisco.

This series, believe it or not, was for Disney. I was brought in to photograph food for an education website Disney was in development for. As I had always heard, the food certainly looked edible, but were all quite poisonous due to the chemicals used by the food stylist to make it look delicious.

Finally, the rest are what I call D-Scapes, some of my favorite landscapes from locations I’ve found during my time roaming the earth.

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Flashes of Hope | Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles

Here’s our latest photoshoot with Flashes of Hope at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.  I admittedly felt a bit exploitative posting these photographs on our blog.  I almost didn’t for this reason but felt not doing so would have been a disservice for these children….I hope to inspire people viewing these photographs to donate anything they can to help photograph other children with Cancer for their families.  After our first shoot, I was sent a note from one of the mothers of a child we photographed.  She wrote “She loved posing and her beauty is breathtaking – her real soul comes through.  These pictures will always help me remember how far we have come and that even in her darkest times, she is just a child, a beautiful child.”

Please visit Flashes of Hope to send any donation you can.  Everyone involved that makes these shoots happen does so on a volunteer basis.  The families receive prints of every photograph we capture of their child at no charge.

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The Native American Indian | Mother Earth Pow Wow | Personal Project

Since my childhood, I’ve been fascinated by the Native American Indian people and culture.  Their spirituality speaks with all the elements of our earth, something which strongly resonates in my own beliefs and has inspired many adventures in nature.  I was fortunate to have been a guest of the Mother Earth’s People Inter-Tribal Pow Wow just outside Victorville, CA.  This project is in the very beginning stages and is my first experience of this type.  American Indians are very private individuals and my greatest challenge was to transform myself from an outsider to someone who explores their spirituality through photographs.  I would like to thank Moreena Rocha Chavez, the coordinator of the Pow Wow for her assistance in making these photographs possible.

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Childhood Cancer | Flashes of Hope | Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

One of our recent community projects is volunteering with Flashes of Hope, a non-profit organization whose goal is to photograph every child with cancer until every child is cured.  We photographed this beautiful group of kids at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.  Nobody I have ever seen through the lens of my camera is as striking as these children.  Their energy and attitudes, despite their opposition was incredible.  Again, please visit Flashes of Hope to send any donation you can.  The families receive prints of every photograph captured of their child.

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