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John Shaffner and Joe Stewart | Los Angeles Photographer

Just had my second photoshoot with John Shaffner and Joe Stewart, the owners of Shaffner Stewart Production Design.  Together they design sets for shows like Two and a Half Men, The Big Bang Theory, Conan and The Emmy Awards.  John is also the Chairman and CEO of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (Emmys).  I originally photographed John for an editorial piece and he invited me back to photograph more images!  They are both incredible gentlemen and it was a wonderful photoshoot.

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Venice Beach with my Dad

My dad recently came for a wonderful visit from Wisconsin.  One of the days we headed down to Venice Beach for a nice walk along the boardwalk and then to the ocean front.  The waves were huge and it was such a beautiful day.  I’m very fortunate that I get to see my family often but it still doesn’t seem like enough.  I really wish I could do this more often with my Dad.

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Sometimes You Just Gotta Kick’em Off | Los Angeles Photographer

This series was photographed at the original Muscle Beach in Santa Monica, California, just west of Los Angeles.  Photographed with my Contax 645 and Canon EOS 1V using New Kodak Professional Portra 400.

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Biomedical Robot | GNF Systems and Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research Foundation | San Diego, CA

GNF Systems, a subsidiary of the Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research Foundation commissioned me to photograph this huge biomedical robot at their manufacturing facility in San Diego, CA.  The robot was initially described to me as a smaller table top robot but after viewing it for the first time I’m sure they were joking as the robot was a massive 7 feet tall!  I decided to get techie with my lighting style without losing the true form of this robot, enhancing the awe I felt the first time I saw the robot comes to life.  This particular robot is designed for ultra-high throughput screening, automated genomics, biological and drug research.

The robot comes alive:

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