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Biomedical Robot | GNF Systems and Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research Foundation | San Diego, CA

GNF Systems, a subsidiary of the Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research Foundation commissioned me to photograph this huge biomedical robot at their manufacturing facility in San Diego, CA.  The robot was initially described to me as a smaller table top robot but after viewing it for the first time I’m sure they were joking as the robot was a massive 7 feet tall!  I decided to get techie with my lighting style without losing the true form of this robot, enhancing the awe I felt the first time I saw the robot comes to life.  This particular robot is designed for ultra-high throughput screening, automated genomics, biological and drug research.

The robot comes alive:

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Death of a decayed modern day icon

While on our way back to Los Angeles from Albuquerque, Angela and I stopped at our normal Starbucks in Flagstaff to pick up some pick-me-up when I came across this amazing scene.  While a store closing sign isn’t something all that out of the ordinary in recent times, what struck me about this particular closing was the disarray this Hollywood Video store was already in.  The facade is cracked and flaking, looking more in line with a store that’s been closed for 30 years.  This impression would be impossible as Hollywood Video was founded in 1988.  The severely off-center closing sign opposing the off center modern vehicles (one that has an equally destitute rear window with an almost coffin looking cargo) really targets the juxtaposition that although this building could be completely at home in a faded photograph from the 1970′s, it was in fact happing today.  It’s almost bittersweet in that the building is still taking a triumphant stance with a centered arrow reaching for the beautiful skies above.  I initially had the urge to style this image as a faded 70′s photograph but instead chose to do a very straight forward treatment to just allow the photograph to speak clearly instead of through a heavy handed point of view.  The timing of this photograph is the most important thing it has to say.

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The Picnic, Lifestyle Photoshoot, Temescal Gateway State Park, Los Angeles

This was a fun little photoshoot from Topanga Canyon’s Temescal Gateway Park.  The concept was simple; two people in love go on a picnic. 

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Steve Bartek Portraits

I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph Oingo Boingo guitarist and movie & television composer / conductor extraordinaire Steve Bartek at his Los Angeles home studio.  Wanting to capture Steve’s unique character, I placed him in the surroundings in which he works and encouraged him to simply be himself.  The timbre I wanted was how Steve’s personality is part of, yet still overcomes, his creative cocoon that shields him from the bustling Los Angeles cityscape.  This was a very challenging shoot as I had to fit all the photo gear within a very small space, surrounded by beautiful and expensive guitars while keeping cool so Steve was able to express himself despite this intrusion.  Steve’s favorite instrument, a vintage music box piano, makes a cameo in the guitar shots.  Steve was wonderful, making me feel like a very welcome guest. We even indulged a shared love of Reed’s Ginger Brew.

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John Connors, Director of Nike. Photoshoot in Seattle, Washington

Continuing the Nike photoshoot, I went up to Seattle, WA to photograph Nike Director John Connors.  John is also the former Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Microsoft and current partner in Ignition Partners.  For this shoot I wanted John’s location in Seattle to play a big part in the portrait so I chose to photograph him where the best view of downtown Seattle is, Kerry Park on Queen Anne Hill.  Aside from the amazing view, Kerry Park holds the equally amazing sculpture “Changing Form” by artist Doris Chase.  After some extensive pre production, I attained permission from Ms. Chase’s estate with the help of the Seattle Film Office.

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